"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education" - Mark Twain 

this is not free but does cover all subjects and all grade levels. includes videos, exams, worksheets
math and literacy site is not free but contains lessons, games and worksheets from primary aged children.
a totally FREE site with hundreds of interactive learning activities including games, articles & classes.
Animals, astronomy, math, various science, history, geograhpy, spelling and history. all ages
a huge collection of totally free tuturorials, ebooks and courses aimed at highschool and adults.
hundreds of free educational online learning games for all ages.
www.sqooltube.com free ebooks,printables,games
www.sqooltools.com free instructional videos www.sqoollibrary.com free online books
www.homesqool.com parent controlled fully interactive online education that can be networked with other homeschoolers!
www.gamequarium.com - free educational games for all ages. also contains readquarim, mathquarium and links to Sqool.
contains a massive selection of easy to navigate links for learning for all subjects and ages. includes free online books, mapping, life skills, dinosaurs and much more